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2013 CSA--Week 10

Posted 7/19/2013 6:46pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We are now officially half way through the season.  It has been a good one so far, despite the challenges presented by the abundance of rain and high temperatures.  I just heard a story on the local news about how successful the year has been so far for farmers.  Of course, they were talking about commodity farmers.  Corn and soybeans.  It seems that that's all that matters.  The government, economists and the media seem to think that if you aren't growing thousands of acres of corn and soybeans, you aren't a real farmer.  Or if you have a few thousand head of cattle then you might count.  These cattle are eating corn from the "real" farmers.  

For those of us who grow a variety of crops that mature at different times and have unique production requirements, it's a different story.  For those who are raising livestock on pasture and providing a humane environment for their animals, it's a different story.

For those of you who join a CSA and/or come to the farmer's market rather than the large chain groceries, it's a different story.  Thank you for a being a part of different story.  It's a healthier, more sustainable, and better story from my point of view.

Been having a lot of turnips lately.  This will continue because I went wild this spring trying out a new planter.  It worked.  Really well.  Will have potatoes (Red Norlunds this week) and carrots to put with those turnips for some wonderful roasted vegetables.  Carrots grown in our clay soil are somewhat miss-shappened but they taste great.  Also will have Basil for you this week.  Beth makes a wonderful Basil Pesto with this and she will be happy to share her recipe with you.

Last week we had zucchini but no yellow squash.  This week you will get both.  As much as you need.  Enjoy it while it's fresh.

Thanks again for supporting local, organic food.  Over the next couple of weeks I may be asking you to help me with design of a new brochure about organic food.  Still a lot of confusion about what organic means.  I am president of the Organic Association of Kentucky and our board of directors are working on a brochure designed to help educate and inform the public about organic farming and food.  If you would be willing to help evaluate this new brochure. please let me know.  We need feedback from you.

For those who came today--it was good to see you.  For those coming tomorrow--see ya then.



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