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2013 CSA--Week 11

Posted 7/26/2013 9:33pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We are very thankful for the incredible weather of the past three days.  Low temps and humidity have made for great working conditions.

Everything is doing well.  Some things are a little slower than we would like, but nature has its own pace and it's best to work with nature rather than against it.  Most of us are really anxious to have those fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes.  They are almost ready.  We were able to get a few pints of cherry tomatoes to sell this week and we anticipate having enough for you next week.  Bigger tomatoes won't be far behind.

We are going to start distributing garlic this week.  You have had garlic scapes and green garlic and finally the mature garlic bulb is here.  We have a recipe to share with you tomorrow that uses garlic, potatoes and turnips.  In fact, there are three recipes for turnips we will give you tomorrow.  Completely forgot to give this to our farm pick-up people today.  Ask for it next week.

The beans you will get this week are called Royal Burgundy.  They are purple.  However, they turn green when cooked.  Sorry for the disappointment.  They are just green beans.  The taste, however, is more than "just green beans."  Once you try them you will know what I mean.

Fresh, seasonable, organic food is hard to describe with words.  You have to experience it.  Thank you for sharing the experience with us.


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