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2013 CSA--Week 12

Posted 8/2/2013 9:57pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Been a long day.  Been a good day.  Will result in a good day for you.  Nine items in your bag this week. Basil will return and cherry tomatoes will make their debut.  Big tomatoes almost ready.  Will have a few to sell but not enough for the CSA.  As always, you may buy anything we have at a significant discount.  Beth did not want to let the huge zucchini go to waste so she make a mini-loaf for everyone this week.  All organic ingredients except she had to use local, free-range eggs that were not certified organic.

I'm just too tired tonight to share more.  My brain is shutting down as I realize I will be getting up in about four and a half hours.  So, see you soon.


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