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2013 CSA--Week 13

Posted 8/9/2013 9:20pm by Larry Brandenburg.


I sure hope that we don't have rain tomorrow for the market.  We have had more rainy Saturdays this year than normal.  It has been an unusual summer, but I'm not complaining.  I personally enjoy the cooler temps and the lower humidity that have been frequent for the past couple of months.  

The heat loving plants have been disappointed, but they are coming on.  Been especially challenging for tomatoes this year.  Some people don't have any while others are thriving.  We are glad that we will be able to share two pints of cherry tomatoes with you and a quart of "Misc." tomatoes which include at least one large heirloom.

Squash is still doing well but the zucchini is pretty well played out.  We will try to have the recipe for zucchini bread that Beth made last week available for you since there seemed to be some interest in it.

Let's hope for good weather tomorrow.  No matter what, we will be there and we look forward to seeing you.  Thank you for supporting organic farming.


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