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2013 CSA--Week 15

Posted 8/23/2013 10:00pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Finally it feels like a Kentucky August!  All those great days of low temperatures and humidity and I didn't have the time to cut hay.  Now that it looks like it next week might work out for me they are calling for 90+ temps plus humidity.  We still square bale most of our hay.  I have always loved doing hay as it was one of the chores from my childhood that I really enjoyed.  When I was finally old enough to help I felt like I was a big boy and that good feeling has stuck with me ever since. So, if you want some good feelings, come out next week and help.  Skip that expensive gym time and get a work out you will never forget.

Sorry that I didn't get email out last week.  Perfect storm of excuses I won't bore you with.  The one legitimate one is that last Friday was our 38th wedding anniversary.  Was trying to squeeze in some time for a dinner but it didn't happen.  Too much work and not enough workers.  A real challenge when important events come on Fridays  during market season.

Will be loading you up with more tomatoes and peppers as they are doing well right now.  We have some leftover cherry tomatoes from last week that we will let you have as bonus to the freshly picked ones you will get.  

If you know of anyone who would like to come out and work on an organic farm, let us know.  We have lost some of our labor due to school starting back and other people who have had to take other jobs.  So, let me know if you can help out.

Thanks for supporting us.  We hope you will continue to enjoy local, organic food.


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