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2013 CSA--Week 5

Posted 6/7/2013 9:11pm by Larry Brandenburg.


The "Community" in Community Supported Agriculture is very important to us. In fact, we believe it to be the foundation upon which this whole model rests.  By becoming a partner with us in this journey, you have made a commitment not only to us, but to yourself, your family, the environment and our culture.  We are your farmer and we have a relationship with you that transcends that of a traditional merchant and customer. Since we are certified organic, we have a transparency and accountability that other farmers don't.  You benefit greatly from this, as do we.  This is a "good deal" for all of us and I hope that the relationship will continue to grow through the years.

Strawberries this week. I wasn't sure they would ever ripen but now they have and we can all rejoice. Also have spinach for everyone this week.  And turnips. Asparagus has slowed considerably.  We got more out of our asparagus beds this year than ever before so we are very thankful for that. But, we only have a few bunches--not enough to share with all but a few to sell.  We had a thousand new asparagus crowns delivered today.  We will try to get them planted this week and then four years from now we will have a another bumper crop to add to what we already have.  Asparagus produces for over 20 years if you take care of it.  

Also have two thousand new strawberry plants to get in the ground this week.  You are welcome to come out and help if you wish.  A lot of work to get done.  Could add another dimension to the concept of "Community."  We welcome you.

Hope the weather cooperates for the market tomorrow. We have had more rainy weather for harvest day and market day than in years past.  No matter what the weather we must harvest and market.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  The "Community" is strong.  Let's keep it going.


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