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2014 CSA Week 4

Posted 6/6/2014 10:19pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Another beautiful day here on the farm in Shelby County.  Lower humidity and temperatures are always appreciated.      Lately it has been heat and humidity and the weeds are loving it!  We can't stay ahead of them right now as we are concentrating on getting the rest of the crops in the ground and harvesting the ones that are producing now.

New this week will be snow peas and garlic scapes.  Use the scapes raw in salads or saute them with other vegetables to give mild garlic flavor to your dishes.  

This is a short one tonight.  Been a long day and 3:30 a.m. will be here shortly.  Good to see all the Shelby County people today at the farm.  Look forward to seeing the rest of you tomorrow at the market.

Thank you for your support of local, organic food.


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