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2014 CSA Week 6

Posted 6/20/2014 8:13pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Sorry about communication last week.  We had a labor challenge last Friday which kept me occupied for the entire day.  It was just too late by the time I had a chance to sit down and email you.  Every now and then this will happen so don't be shocked if you don't hear from me each week.

The weather has felt more like Kentucky this week.  Hot and humid.  I finally got the hay mowed and of course it rained today before I could get it baled and put up.  We do need the rain,  I just wish I had been able to get the hay done.

The heat and humidity has put most of our lettuce in reproductive mode.  That means it is going to seed.  Mesclun is still good and we have a succession planting of some other varieties that should be ready in a couple of weeks.  We cut the first of the Basil today so start making plans for pesto this week.

We also dug some "new" potatoes today.  They are Red Norlunds and are small, tender and delicious,

The transition between spring crops and summer crops is happening now.  We are going to try to keep lettuce going as long as possible and we will continue to pull onions until we run out.

Looking forward to seeing you at the market tomorrow.  Please come as early as possible.  The heat and humidity cause rapid deterioration of your produce.  So, the earlier you can get it home and in your refrigerator, the longer it will last.

Again, thank you for your commitment to organic farming.  Without you, we couldn't exist.


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