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Crazy Weather

Posted 2/24/2008 1:23pm by Larry Brandenburg.

The last several weeks here in the Bluegrass have been quite challenging.  It began with straight line winds followed by snow, ice and freezing temperatures followed by tornadoes followed be more snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  We fluctuate weekly between the teens and sixties on the mercury.

People have not only been inconvenienced, but lives have been lost and Mother Earth has seen much of her life compromised.  We are in an age of climate change.  Even if we can't all agree on WHY we are experiencing this, we can all agree that things are really crazy.

There are many reasons to choose to farm according to organic/sustainable principles, but one of the best is that it truly is "in tune with nature."  Rather than releasing carbon to the air we are trying to keep it in the gound where it benefits a healthy planet.  Rather than spray chemical poisons, we nurture the earth and the plants so that they provide natural resistance to pests and disease.

Will the weather keep acting crazy?  Probably only as long as we keep acting crazy. 

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