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CSA 2011 Week 1

Posted 5/19/2011 10:33pm by Larry Brandenburg.

We are excited about our first week of deliveries.  

This has been an extremely challenging spring.  The record breaking precipitation we have received has not been helpful.  We were able to get some field work done last weekend but the non-stop rain of the past week has made the fields too muddy to work.  We did get some tomatoes and sweet potatoes set as well as some seeds.  We hope to be able to harvest lettuce and radishes tomorrow as well as some kale, mint and perhaps some strawberries.  The strawberries are really slow this year and some are showing signs of distress.  Last year at this time they were yielding very well so I know it is all weather related.  The snow and sugar snap peas are not yet yielding.  The rain has really stunted their growth.  Let's hope for some extended dry weather so they can recover.

There are other CSA's who are delaying deliveries till the end of this month but we believe we will have enough for everyone this  week.

If you are picking up at the farm, please come after 4:00 tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.  Pick-up at the St. Matthew's Market will be from 8:00-12:00 on Saturday.  If you were a CSA member last year, please bring the bags we provided for you.  New members will be given bags when you pick up.

The CSA model has been very successful for many years for many farmers.  We enjoy it because it allows us to have a relationship that is not possible through other distribution channels.  It also allows you to understand the impact that things like weather have on the production of local food.  When you buy produce at the grocery you have no idea of the challenges facing the farmers producing that food.  And, most food in groceries come from farms thousands of miles from here or even other countries.

The food that you get from us is grown right here in Shelby County using Certified Organic methods.  It is harvested on Friday so that it is as fresh as possible.  You also share in the risks that come with buying local, organic food.

If you need to contact us, the home phone is 502-738-0510.  My cell is 640-0042 and Beth's is 640-0043.

Thank you for your support of local, sustainable organic agriculture.  It really does make a difference in our world.

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