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CSA Week 19

Posted 9/17/2010 11:33pm by Larry Brandenburg.
Thank you for putting Louisville in the top six of "Foodiest Cities in the U.S.A. for 2010."  This, according to the magazine Bon Appetit, is partly due to Louisville's soft spot for Community Supported Agriculture.  So, give yourself a pat on the back and a round of applause.

This week we will be sharing the first of the Winter Squash. Butternut and Delicata are wonderful either stuffed or baked and I know that you will be surfing the web for even more creative and interesting ways to cook them.

Lots of peppers this week.  Everyone will even get a couple of jalepenos if you wish.  The cherry tomatoes are still producing but are beginning to fade a little.  You will still get two pints.  More heirlooms and perhaps the last of the okra.  The okra is now over eight feet tall (this is how it continues to produce--it just gets taller) and I don't expect it to go much higher, but it might reach ten feet by next week. 

Counting tomorrow we only have two more weekends.  Next week we will pick everything clean.  After September 25 we will be cleaning up everything and planting our cover crops which will grow over the winter giving protection to the soil and then providing fertility and organic matter when they are turned under in the spring.  Then it all starts over again.

Next week fall begins.  Temperatures are forecast around 95 degrees for the first day of fall.  I will be not be too sad to say goodbye to this growing season.  However, we feel very fortunate because we have had such a successful year.  There have been a few disappointments but so many more successes.  You have helped make it a great year for us by being so supportive and appreciative.   Thank you.
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