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CSA Week 3

Posted 5/27/2010 10:15pm by Larry Brandenburg.
Garrison Keilor always says, "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon."  Well, it's been anything but quiet this week at Harmony Fields.  After a week of almost three inches of rain (including 1 1/4 inches in one hour on Friday night) we have been rejoicing over the dry conditions.  We have not been rejoicing over the temperatures (ten degrees above normal) but we will take that over the rain.

The hay we grow here is not only used to feed animals but also plays an important role in our vegetable production.  We use it as a mulch to control weeds between the plants and in the rows and it also helps hold moisture in the soil.  It also helps control the Colorado Potato Beetle as they don't like moving around on the hay.  So, this week has given us the chance to cut and rake our hay in preparation to bale it.  Also, it has dried out enough that we have been able to start planting the transplants that have been ready to go in the ground for the past two weeks.  We still have a lot to do but we are hoping that Monday will give us a chance to get most of them transplanted.

The snow peas are starting to come on and we may have some of them for you this week.  Start planning those stir fry dishes.  The Romaine Lettuce will be cut tomorrow and it looks beautiful.  Some of the lettuces are wanting to bolt (go to seed) as the hot weather is telling them that it is time to start thinking about their legacy.  But we should still have plenty.

All of our lettuce is "field washed" which means that we bring it in and wash it in cold water, spin it dry and bag it.  You may decide to give another wash and that is fine.  In fact, if it has been sitting in your refrig for several days, a good rinse will really perk it up.  I may not field wash the Romaine but cut it as a whole plant and put it in the bag.  

Hope to see all of you this week.  If for some reason you will be gone for the holiday weekend, please let us know if someone else will be picking it up for you or if you want us to donate it to the Food Bank.

We are looking forward to more stuff coming in next week.  We are also excited about getting all of our other stuff in the ground.  If for some reason you are sitting around bored some evening (or day) we would be happy for you to come out and get your hands dirty in the soil.  Or if you know of someone who like the experience of working on a sustainable organic farm, let me know.  We have been having some labor issues lately so help us out if you can.

Thankfully the rain passed us by tonight.  I have about 15 acres of hay laying on the ground waiting to be baled.  Probably won't finish it up till this weekend.  We bale the small square bales and they provide a wonderful workout for the whole body.  You will never sleep any better than after a day of putting up hay.  Just a suggestion for you health and well-being.

Again, thank you for your support of local, organic food grown on a small family farm in Shelby County.

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