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CSA Week 4

Posted 6/4/2010 8:29pm by Larry Brandenburg.
I apologize for the lateness of this update but it has been another crazy week here at HFF.  The hay I had hoped to get in last weekend got rained on and I to re-rake it and fluff it before I could finally bale it on Wednesday and Thursday.  The rain won't hurt the bales we use for mulching but it does leach out nutrients that would be beneficial as livestock forage.

The heat continues and with it more of our lettuces are starting to become very uncomfortable.  Their biological clocks are not in sync with the unnatural rhythms of the seasons we are experiencing.  However, I think we might be able to coax a couple more weeks out of them.  It's the nighttime temperatures that are the most unsettling.  We did get two showers today so maybe that will cool down the soil a little bit.

This week was also filled with the mundane tasks of building infrastructure and doing equipment repair.  All farmers spend way too much time under a piece of equipment.  I had to repair the PTO shaft on the John Deere and the tiller decided to take on a large rock which Cody (one of our fine young workers) finally had to chisel out.  We also were finally able to run the water lines out to the pasture where we have put in six new plots for growing vegetables.  Had to to fix a major water leak ($800 water bill is how we discovered it) and then run 600 feet of new lines to four new hydrants.  It looks really nice now and we have started getting our transplants into the ground.  We are probably 2-3 weeks behind on some things but hopefully we can catch up quickly.

This week we have a lot of stuff for you.  Half Shares will get 2 pints of Strawberries (double from last week) 2 pints of Snow Peas, 1 Cabbage (Chinese style Cabbage) 2 Turnips with wonderful greens, 1 Kale, 1 Swiss Chard and the choice of Spinach or Arugula.  We will also offer you the option of an extra Snow Pea if would like that rather than the 2 Turnips.  

I hope that you will appreciate the extra bounty as this abundance may need to balance out any impatience while waiting on some of the crops that we have just now been able to get in the ground. 

Several of you have expressed your delight in the food we are providing for you.  There is nothing quite like fresh, local, organic food.  Some of you have recommended recipes and we are trying to figure out how to get this info onto our website.  One hint -- fresh Strawberries should be eaten as soon as possible.  They do not save well!

Come and visit us.  Watch your food grow. Savor the taste of a leaf or a fruit popping straight in your mouth after a one second journey of inches.  Let all of your senses take in the breathtaking marvel of nature.  Break a sweat and get your hands really, really dirty digging in the soil.  By becoming a part of our CSA you are directly connected to the land.  But, if you desire even more of a connection -- come on out and we will find a way for you to experience the joy that comes from seeing the miracle of seed becoming plant, plant becoming food, and food becoming a part of us. It's a reciprocal agreement.  It sustains us and we sustain it.  At least that's how we do it here at Harmony Fields.

Thank you for your commitment to local, sustainable, organic agriculture.  People like you are making a difference in the world.  Making it a better place.

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