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CSA Week 6-2012

Posted 6/15/2012 8:08pm by Larry Brandenburg.


I encourage you to come early tomorrow as it looks like it will be rather warm.  These warm days are really good for the summer crops (which are doing really well) but the lettuce is now officially done.  I had hoped that our bed of Gourmet Mix would be ready but the official "tasters" say that it is too bitter.  It hasn't bolted yet, in fact it is still rather small, but I guess that you can't fool mother nature and it knows that it's time to get on with making seed.

However, we are delighted that we will have the June apples again this week.  We only get these apples about one in every three years and thanks to the heroics of chef/worker Jeremy, he was able to scale the heights and get the rest of the apples.  Beth couldn't watch.  She is a mother you know.  I was cheering him on and wishing I was younger so I could join him.

The onions are also continuing to produce as are the radishes.  This will probably be the last week for the Napa Cabbage and the Garlic Scapes.  The Garlic is looking great and it won't be long before we will begin harvesting and curing it in preparation for distribution. 

We didn't have any mint for you last week since I decided to put it in the back of the truck, and despite my best efforts to shield it, the road between Shelbyville and Louisville was strewn with mint!  I will do a better job this week.

Going to be hot next week and we will be busy stringing up tomatoes and weeding.  Weeds love this heat. Labor, weeds and bugs are our biggest challenges.  It takes a lot of labor to deal with the weeds and bugs.  Sometimes, however, nature helps out.  The wild turkeys are coming out of the woods and devouring the Colorado Potato Beetles. I guess if they keep this up I will have to put them on the payroll.  It would be money well spent.

Thanks again for believing in what we are trying to do.  It is challenging but so rewarding.  The biggest reward is knowing that there are people like you who understand.  As they say, "you get it." Keep on "getting it".  That helps motivate and inspire us.  See ya soon.


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