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CSA Weeks 12 and 13

Posted 8/6/2010 10:06pm by Larry Brandenburg.
I don't know where you were on Wednesday a little before 6:00 p.m. when the mercury hit 102, but I bet you can guess where we were.  That's right.  We were sitting in a nice air-conditioned theatre here in Shelbyville enjoying a summer blockbuster!  We never get to the movies during the summer but we made an exception this week.  It was just too hot.  

Most of our plants have been tolerating the heat much better than we have.  Except for the beans.  The only people I know who are having success with beans are some home gardeners who have them planted where they get some shade.  My father-in-law (who has been farming his entire 80 years of life) thinks that the hot weather in June was too hard on the blooms causing many of them to fall off.  I know that our yield this year is terrible. This week we picked 2.5 pounds of Royal Burgandy.  Normally we would have at least 50 pounds.  We are getting some production out of the Providers--only about 20-30 lbs./week-- but it is enough for us to give on an alternating basis.  Last week the Friday Farm Pick-Up Group got beans and this week the Saturday St. Matthew's Pick-Up Group will get beans.  We do have some more planted that are just beginning to bloom.  Let's hope for some more reasonable weather.

Last week everyone got a pint of cherry tomatoes and this week we are going to give TWO pints to everyone.  The other tomatoes are coming on but only the cherries have gotten the message that it's time to get with it.  Maybe the others will catch on.  Right now they are green with envy.  

Something that is not green are the cucumbers you will get this week.  They are a golden yellow and absolutely delicious.  I think you will enjoy them. Squash (both Yellow and Patty Pan) are still producing strong but the Zucchini is starting to play out.  Hopefully we will have some more Zucchini in a few weeks if our succession planting does well.

Potatoes will continue with a choice of four different varieties but we may not have Basil for much longer.  We are starting to see some watermelon but it is not yet ready. Won't be long.

I know that I sound like a broken record (or CD, or MP3) but we really enjoy growing food for you.  What gives us joy is knowing how much you appreciate and enjoy this partnership.  You have become part of a community that is bound together by a love for local, organic food.  For this we are indeed thankful.  Continue to spread the good word.


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