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CSA Weeks 17 and 18

Posted 9/10/2010 10:58pm by Larry Brandenburg.
I always look forward to the Wednesday Courier-Journal because it features articles about food.  Last week, the chef they wrote about had recipes that called for Moon and Stars Watermelon, Lemon Cucumbers, and Okra.  I thought it was really cool that he was recommending things that you received last weekend in your shares.

This week the main article was called "Awash in Squash."  I believe that they probably should have run this a couple of weeks ago when the squash was going crazy.  I know you were probably sick of squash but you don't have to worry this week.  The summer squash has sent up the white flag and surrendered to the rhythms of nature.  Cooler night time temperatures and much less sunlight is the signal that it's time to shut down.  So, no squash this week but we do have something to offer as a transition between summer and winter squash (next week you will get winter squash.)

Ronde de Nice is a round Zucchini from the south of France that can be used like a regular squash (harvested when small) or allowed to get bigger where they are best either baked or stuffed.  You will get one of these this weekend and I will be interested in hearing of your culinary triumphs.    

Also, this will be the last week for watermelon.  When things start slowing down we usually have only enough to sell at the market but not to share with all of you.  We only had 12 cucumbers this week and a half bushel of squash.  We also were able to get about 20 bags of Basil.  All of the things we sell are available to you for a discount of at least 20%. (Except for Beth's flowers)

Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow during the market.  Hard to believe that we will only see you for three more weekends.  I think you will enjoy tomorrow's bounty and we look forward to seeing you.  Thank you for making all of this possible.
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