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CSA Weeks 3,4 and 5

Posted 6/17/2011 11:02pm by Larry Brandenburg.

Hope that you enjoyed the cooler weather we had last week.  I know we did.  Sorry that I didn't get anything out to you the past two weeks.  I don't write this until we have finished harvesting and preparing everything on Friday and sometimes it is just so late that I have run out of energy.  Plus, two weeks ago I had pneumonia and was slowed down considerably.

The hot weather is back.  Our lettuce has finally said "I surrender."  It was a shorter lettuce season this year due to the unseasonably hot weather.  Strawberries have also given up and the snow peas are longing for snow!  We hope to get some snow and snap peas in later this summer for a fall harvest.

The Basil is producing well now and I hope that you will enjoy it.  It makes wonderful Basil Pesto -- just ask Beth and she can tell you how to make it.  We dug some potatoes today.  These are usually called New Potatoes but some of them are pretty big.  We weren't planning to dig them yet but the Colorado Potato Beetles have decimated several rows.  There are literally no leaves left on them at all.  When I pulled one of the plants I was shocked to see how well they had produced. A few of them have some green showing on the skin.  Just peel this part off and they will be fine.  The green is caused by exposure to sun.  These potatoes were planting early and then we got all of that rain which washed the dirt off of them.  We couldn't cover them back up with soil because all we had was mud.  We did mulch them with organic hay we grow here on the farm, yet some rays of sunshine did manage to reach the exposed potatoes.  Again, nothing wrong with a little green as long as your trim that part away.

Also you will get a bag of Napa Cabbage this week as well as Kale and Spring Onions.  We now have everything planted (seeds or transplants) and will just sit back and let nature do her thing.  I did have to replant sweet corn today.  It had been planted three weeks ago but we had not gotten enough rain (none, to be exact) for it to germinate so I just tilled it up and started over.  As soon as we finished, around 6:00 this evening, we got a nice storm that dumped about half an inch.  We had gotten another half on Wednesday so now we have received the ideal amount of one inch per week.

We look forward to seeing everyone each week, either here on the farm or at St. Matthew's.  We do appreciate your support and encouragement.  



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