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CSA Weeks 5,6,7, and 8

Posted 7/2/2010 11:32pm by Larry Brandenburg.
Good Morning Everyone,

We just finished getting everything ready for tomorrow.  We will not be happy when the alarm goes off at 4:30.  However, the joy we get from providing food for you helps us forget how tired we are. 

Sorry that I have not been faithful in getting these emails out to you over the last few weeks.  We had some Internet connection challenges (goes with living in the wilderness) and our work days have just been non-stop.

We opened up some new ground this spring.  This helps us with our crop rotation and also allows us to let some of the old ground re-charge with cover crops.  The cover crops will be tilled in in the fall or next spring and will provide fertility and increase our organic matter for next year.  Organic farming involves a great deal of advanced planning.  We don't have the option of chemical sprays or fertilizers as the conventional farmers do.  "Rescue Chemistry" is what they call it.  We have to work "in tune with nature" and therefore we will not ever abuse or rush the precious soil we are building for future generations.

The new field has six "plots" and each will involve a three year rotation.  Most of the plots utilize black plastic mulch which is applied with a machine that makes a four inch raised bed and lays a drip tape under the plastic for irrigation.  By using drip irrigation we send the water directly to each plant and the black plastic keeps it from evaporating.  The plastic also heats up the soil which makes the plants really happy.  Of course the main reason we use it is to control weeds.

The challenge we had with this new field was getting water to it and it took a while to get 700 feet of water lines to four hydrants.  Therefore, we were much later getting the plants in the ground and this is where we are growing all of our tomatoes, squash, peppers, melons, beans, cucumbers, basil and okra.  But thanks to the advantages of the raised , warm, wet and weed free beds--things are doing very well.  You are already enjoying the Basil and it was planted on June 7. The other things are plugging right along but it will be a while longer.  It will be worth the wait.

This week we have seven items for your bag.   Red Norlund and Yukon Golds (potatoes) "Vidalia" onions (2), Beets, Basil, Green Onions, and your choice of one other item.

I will try to do better with these emails in the future.  May send out some random ramblings earlier in the week just to keep you posted on what happens on an organic farm.

As always, thank you for your support of local, organic food.  Together, we are making a difference in our world. 

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