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Farmer’s Market 8-24-19

Posted 8/24/2019 6:35am by Larry Brandenburg.


Gonna be a beautiful day for the market and you will not want to miss! Lots of things coming in now and we will be bringing it to market. Also, Beth’s flowers are going to be amazing this week. Dramatic and gorgeous bouquets that bring  a message of peace and deep meaning to your life. They really do turn a room into a sanctuary of beauty and peace. 

We planted some yellow ghost peppers several weeks ago. Except, they aren’t yellow but a bright orange. Very hot and yet fruity at the same time. Also found what looks like a Carolina Reaper mixed in with them. What’s going on here?

Tomatoes are really coming on now. We get numerous comments each week about how much people (especially kids) enjoy them. Will be running a 2 for $5 special today. Or $3 for one. 

Deer have been enjoying our produce just a little too much. We started putting up a “deer” fence on Thursday but ran into some challenges that prohibited completion. I have noticed that the deer don’t bother the Ghost Peppers. Neither do rabbits or raccoons. Maybe that’s the answer. We will only grow ghost peppers!! So instead of trying to market huge zucchini that got away from us by extolling the virtues of zucchini bread, we will come up with a hundred ways ghost peppers can change your life and make the world a better place. Ghost Pepper muffins are a great way to start your morning. And if you have frost on your windshield, just a couple of puffs of muffin breath should melt anything. We will have to put together a focus group to provide feedback and guidance. 

In the meantime, we have a few of these peppers available today if you would like to try them out. You may not think they can change your life and the world, but by supporting your local organic farmer you can change lives and the world. One pepper at a time. 

Thanks for your support. 




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