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Farmer's Market 9-21-19

Posted 9/21/2019 5:29am by Larry Brandenburg.


Only two more chances.  Today and next Saturday.  We have absolutely beautiful heirloom tomatoes today.  And we also have  a lot of San Marzano  tomatoes. They are a paste tomato that don't have as much juice and seeds but a lot of pulp that make them great for making sauces.  I'm surprised how many people aren't familiar with this variety.  Last week a young lady stopped in and became very excited and animated when she saw we had San Marzanos.  She immediately took out her phone, took a picture and posted on Instagram!  She knew the value of finding local, organic San Marzanos.  

Only two more chances for you to be overcome with joy to the point that you have to share it with the whole world.  Instagram is how a new generation shares their joys with others.  A whole lot faster than work of mouth. 

We get a lot of joy out of serving you.  We too post things on Instagram (harmonyfieldsfarmky) but we also use the good old fashioned word of mouth.  Most of that comes from the interaction we have with you at the market.  Only two more chances for us to do this and then it will be back to communicating via technology.  No more face to face. No more seeing a young child's face light up when they pop that cherry tomato in their mouth and realize it's almost as sweet as candy.  And that parent's face that lights up when they realize their vegetable phobic child has discovered the joy of local, organic food.  I can't capture that on Instagram.  It's witnessed in real life in real time and it is priceless.

Come by today and help us make some more real life, real time experiences.  Whether it's loading up on some great produce, (and we have a lot and a lot of variety), buying that beautiful bouquet for someone special, or finally deciding that you can't face going into the fall and winter without one of our herb boxes sitting on your kitchen counter with fresh herbs available whenever the recipe calls for it.  Or, maybe it's time to think about one of Beth's fathers hand crafted bird houses. Christmas is almost here and they would make a great present.

Only two more chances.

Come see us.  Instagram only goes so far. 


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