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Farmer's Market July 14, 2018

Posted 7/14/2018 5:47am by Larry Brandenburg.


It has taken us a while but I think we have figured out how to keep lettuce growing during really hot spells.  In the spring you can count on direct seeding in the soil and as it gradually warms up over several weeks the lettuce grows well until the temperatures get too hot and it bolts (that's when the plant stops putting energy into developing the leaves and instead puts energy into developing seeds -- thus, going to seed) but direct seeding doesn't work in hot weather as all the plant wants to do is make seed.

We have found that if we grow transplants inside, in a cooler environment, it allows the plant to develop as we would like it to develop.  When the transplant is large enough we then set it out in the field and give it plenty of water.  It works and today we will have a lot of lettuce to choose from including the ever popular Buttercrunch.

Also this week we are having a Steak Sale!!  Ribeyes and Strips (normally $16.50/pound) will be priced at $13.50/pound.  We really need to get this wonderful grassfed/grassfinished beef out to more people.  Hopefully this sale will help get good healthy beef on more people's plates.

If these hot days have you spending more time inside, then why not brighten your day and your room(s) with a beautiful fresh cut organic flower bouquet.  Beth has several available today and at $10 they are a steal.  They also last much longer than commercial flowers.

We have worked hard this week on planting and harvesting and getting ground ready for some of our succession plantings.  We are also now thinking about getting stuff in the ground for fall production.  Last year was our first at growing into the fall/winter and we found it to be very rewarding.  Less weeds and pest made it a great match for those of us who are organic.  I think we now have knowledge and experience that will allow us to aggressively market a Fall/Winter 2018 CSA.  More on this later.

I would suggest coming as early as you can this morning.  It's going to get hot. We look forward to seeing you this morning.

Thank you for supporting local, organic farming.

Larry and Beth 

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