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Farmer's Market June 27, 2020

Posted 6/27/2020 7:26am by Larry Brandenburg.


I had to replace Beth's phone last week.  It had been dropped so many times that it finally stopped working. I also got her a new heavy duty case to protect it! I ordered one online that came with "Certified Hassle Free Packaging."  If you have ever had to navigate that disgusting plastic packaging then you know how appealing hassle free would be.  I was also intrigued by the term "certified." I didn't know there was a certifying agency for packaging.

Labels can be be confusing.  We are a Certified Organic farm. Why don't we just say Organic? Why qualify it with Certified.  I was asked this question last week at the market and it gave me the opportunity to to explain that to be to be able to use the term Organic, we must follow the guidelines of the National Organic Program as administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The guidelines establish the approved practices that one must follow in order to be certified.  Of course it means no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer but it also means we must keep meticulous records of every thing we do. Every day. And it means that every year we must be inspected by a trained inspector who will examine all our records and inspect all our fields. They may take soil for testing and plants that would be analyzed for traces of prohibited substances. And, they may do a surprise visit anytime they wish. The inspectors report is submitted to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture who then either approves it and continues our certification or requests clarification on certain points.  You are not allowed to market your farm as Organic until you have gone through these steps.

Why do we put ourselves through this? We do it for you. This is one label that you don't have to worry about.  It provides transparency and peace of mind. And a guarantee.

So, when you come this morning to the market to pick up some Lettuce or Kale or Swiss chard or Zephyr Squash, or spring Onions you are guaranteed that this produce is truly Organic.   

The phone case did end up being hassle free. It was a risk I took that paid off. Next time -- maybe not.  

With us, it pays off every time. Guaranteed.


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