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Farmer's Market May 23, 2020

Posted 5/22/2020 9:50pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Everything is growing so well right now that I'm afraid I may conjure the Devil just by mentioning it!

We have had a decent spring except for the unexpected freeze a couple weeks ago.  It slowed down some of our stuff but that just means that you may profit from greater happiness as a result of delaying gratification.

Our biggest challenge right now is that the amount of rain combined cooler temperatures have kept us from getting some of the summer crops in the field.

This evening I was tempted to use an implement called a bed shaper to make some raised beds. I think there are many advantages to growing in raised beds and we tend to grow everything this way. I took a shovel out and dug into the soil to check out its structure to see if it was suitable for the physical manipulation required to make the raised bed.  It was still very muddy but I probably could have forced it but it would have been detrimental to the soil structure and the microbial life beneath it.

Do I compromise soil health for economic gain?  Or do I patiently wait for the soil to properly dry out knowing that it may put me a week or more behind schedule?  How will I compete at the market? How will I keep our CSA happy?  And then it struck me.  This is the dilemma we have all been dealing with during COVID19.  The economy is tanking.  Do we put people at risk just to keep the economy going? Well, the decision is much easier for me because I am not balancing human life and existence with the chance to make money.

But, the soil is what feeds us.  It's what sustains our very being.  And we have learned during the pandemic that we can do without sports and entertainment and even haircuts (sidebar-- Beth did cut mine.  Never had cut hair before.  It was little sketchy but I thought it came out great!) but we can't do without food.  Or farmers.  Or especially local farmers. And in particular -- local organic farmers.

So I guess that means I have to make the soil a priority over product even if it means losing a sale or a customer.  Tough call.  Glad I'm not a governor or other official having to deal with the scale of our current dilemma.

But I am glad to be a part of the solution and grow some wonderful local organic food for you.

Hope you will come out this week and see what we have.  May be rainy again but it shouldn't be cold.  We will have lettuce (three varieties) and asparagus this week.  And please take a chance on some Apple Mint.  I found several recipes online today with just a few minutes of research.  Apple Mint is very adaptable to a variety of uses.  Pick some up tomorrow.  Take a chance.  Try something new.  No one else carries this variety of mint.

We will also have grassfed/finished ground beef, steaks and roasts.  Just had this steer processed a couple of weeks ago and it is really good meat.  Steaks are well marbled and if cooked correctly will compete with anything from a high end steak house.

Bok Choi, a green used primarily in Asian cooking, will also be available as will several of Beth's beautiful flower bouquets.

Now is the time to set out a few tomato plants.  No matter how many tomatoes you buy from us later on when they are producing, you will not regret having you own to pick from each week.

And, if you really like to cook, try some of our organic herbs.  Potted up just for you to take home and use in all your creative culinary creations.  Or, if you are really adventurous, take an entire herb garden home with one of Beth's herb boxes. Made from repurposed wood from the farm these also make a great gift for someone wishing to take their cooking to the next level.

Hope to see you tomorrow between 9-12 noon at the St. Matthew's Farmers Market.  Don't bring any cloth bags, we will provide clean, sanitized bags for your use.  Don't forget your mask and gloves.  We will have ours on.  Just as we want to protect our soil, we want to protect you.

We need our soil and we need each other.  That's a compromise no one can make.



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