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Farmer's Market -- October 7, 1917

Posted 10/7/2017 5:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


Only two Saturdays left for the St. Matthew's Farmers's Market.  It has been a good year for the market.  The weather has been wonderful with only one Saturday that we had to fight the rain.  Many more pleasant temperatures this year than in the past.  I hate to see it come to an end.  We still are growing lots of great produce and have just now started selling our grass fed/finished beef.  We enjoy seeing so many familiar faces each week and delight in making new friendships.  Our customers (I really find the word customer inadequate to describe the relationship we have with you -- partnership is a better term) believe in what we are doing and share the same values we have about sustainability through local, organic farming.  

We can continue this relationship through December if you would be interested in signing up for our Fall CSA or our Fall Beef CSA.  You can do one or both.  Let us know as we will begin deliveries next Saturday, October 14.  We are working on a convenient pick-up location for the rest of the year and should have those details worked out by next week.

This is our first year of growing summer crops in the high tunnel.  Eggplant, tomatoes and peppers have found a thriving environment resulting in prolific yields.  These yields should continue for a few more weeks but today we have some very nice large red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and San Marzano paste tomatoes.  I love the San Marzanos and have been making and freezing (in ice cube trays) a lot of enchilada sauce.  This week I tried my hand at pasta sauce and according to the critics (wife and son) it is a winner.  I use the "seconds" to make this sauce and today I have brought a half bushel of seconds that I will sell at discounted price if you are interested.

We also will have some hot and spicy radishes to combine with our tomatoes and lettuce. These vegetables are infused with freshness that is not available from normal grocery store choices.  Darn, I wish this market would continue for a few more weeks!!

If you are interested in having a steady supply of fresh culinary herbs, check out the herb boxes that Beth puts together.  You could be having fresh basil in January!

We also have several roasts and steaks as well as ground beef.  Take some home with you today.  If you like it, maybe you could continue to have it on a regular basis through our Beef CSA.

Time to run. Have to finish setting up everything to welcome you into our space.  It's amazing how cold asphalt becomes a small little tent city each Saturday morning.  The landscape is transformed into a community that shares food and fun.  Then at noon, it disappears.  I will miss it. 

The market is kind of like life. We have to make the best of the present, not dwell on the past, and look with hope to the future.  I hope your present (today) will be filled with joy and wonder as you wander around this temporary tent city and that you will be encouraged and have hope for the future as you see the number of people who are all working together to make the world a better place.  You are a part of this.

Hope to see you today.


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