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Posted 5/15/2020 8:51pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We will be at the St. Matthew's Farmers Market tomorrow, Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 9-12 noon. There are a lot of new rules for the Market during this time of COVID19 but they are there to protect all of us.  I do think that shopping in an open air market is much safer than the confines of brick and mortar. We will be practicing social distancing and all the other protocols such as masks, gloves and sanitation of surfaces.  We will be taking credit cards but we will be limited in offering change.  Everything will be priced in whole numbers with no fractions.

If you are able to come, you will find our incredible, and much in demand, certified organic lettuce and asparagus.  There will be limited quantities so I hope you can be there early. 

Also you will be able to prepare for growing your own food with organic transplants that Beth has nurtured with the finest organic practices to give them a big boost when you plant them in your home soil.

Heirloom varieties of tomatoes include: Cherokee Purple, Brandywine and Mr. Stripey. 

Many of you have been buying from us for over a decade and you know Beth's passion for herbs.  We will have a large variety of culinary herbs as well as the herb boxes that we make from repurposed wood on the farm and fill with herbs for you to use when preparing those incredible dinners you are now doing. Because of the restrictions of the pandemic, people are rediscovering or even learning anew the joy of home meal preparation. 

We will also have our grass fed/finished beef.  This steer was processed a couple weeks ago and I just picked it up this week.  We will bring ground beef, steaks and roasts this Saturday and can take orders for future needs if you wish. The demand for local grass-fed/finished beef is incredibly high. I wanted to get a date for processing another steer but nothing is available till after January 2021!  That's correct, nine months from now. Think about that!

COVID19 has raised awareness of how vital local agriculture is for food security.  All of you understand the importance of establishing a relationship with a local farmer.  The national industrial food system is broken. Now is the time for change.  Not only are the grocery store shelves empty, but you cannot even purchase a freezer for long term storage of food.  I have diligently searched for another freezer for our use but they are saying it will be June or July until any are available.  Wow.

People are hoarding food and freezers because they are scared they will not be able to feed their families.  This is food insecurity.

Many of the seed companies we do business with have quit taking orders for seeds.  At first we were able to get seed since we have a commercial account but now many seed companies  are shutting down for a few weeks.  The seed we are able to get take longer to get here which of course means we have to wait longer to plant. We are ordering more live transplants from an organic greenhouse in North Carolina to help us get by but it is very expensive. No one, even farmers, saw this coming a couple months ago.

I don't like to think of silver linings to disasters.  Death, illness, and economic doom are horrible and for me it is sometimes hard to see beyond the grief, pain and suffering. But, as our Governor Andy reminds us daily; "We will get through this, we will get through this together."  I believe this and cling to  the hope that not only we will get through it, but we will emerge even stronger and better.  And I have hope that our agriculture and food system will respond with deep awareness of the problems with the "old way" and the promise and bright future of a new way.

I want to be a part of this and I'm pretty sure you do to.

Thank you for being a part of our loving and caring farming community.




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