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Winter's Farmer's Market 20016

Posted 1/8/2016 8:34pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We are so happy that we have an opportunity to offer an indoor winter farmers market in 2016.  


It may take us a couple of months to get our winter produce ready but in the meantime you can support us with by checking out what we have available for the the next mont or two.

If you wish to brighten up the winter months, consider purchasing a beautiful box of paperwhite narcissus flowers in the the early stage of blooms.  They will bring you joy during the dark days of winter and then can be re-used with herbs for the spring and summer seasons.  

Also, you may want to consider one of our herb boxes for winter culinary use or our counter top compost bins which will help you be better stewards of kitchen waste.

The winter season is especially hard on our feathered friends.  One of our handcrafted bird houses from re-purposed wood from our farm would make a wonderful addition to  your home or a gift for a friend or family member.

Plese come see us tomorrow from 10:00-1:00 at Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church, 311 Browns Lane Louisville, KY 40207.

Larry and Beth Brandenburg

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