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Posted 5/20/2010 7:35pm by Larry Brandenburg.

Finally our internet is up and running again. They put up a new antennae today that enables us to shoot through the trees on Jeptha Knobs eight miles away and get a good connection.  We've been down since last weekend.  Too much rain weighing down the leaves on the trees.  I am hoping to get your weekly updates out to you earlier in the week in the future.  Maybe the new technology will help.

Well, it's raining again.  The rain does help water the plants but there comes a point where too much moisture is harmful.  Fruits, such as the strawberries you will get this week, will not be as sweet since they are water logged.  Lettuces do not like this much precipitation and can become susceptible to disease.
We have thousands of plants we need to get in the ground but it is too wet.

One of the advantages of being a CSA Partner is that you will become more aware of the weather and how it is effecting your food.  Not a problem when you go to the grocery and buy stuff shipped in thousands of miles from temperate climates grown on factory farms.  Local food comes with risks and you will be much more sensitive to the issues facing small family farms here in Kentucky.

In spite of all of this, everything is growing well and we should have another bounty of lettuce, sugar snap peas, strawberries and mint.

If you are picking up at the farm, please try to come after 3:00.  Last week we got way behind schedule as we had not had enough time to harvest everything.  We are a small farm with a few workers and they can't do everything in the morning hours.  Tomorrow may be even more challenging as the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms.  We do harvest in the rain but there are conditions where I will not allow anyone to risk their well being.

Tomorrow is going to be extra busy as we will be hosting the training for all of the organic inspectors in the state.  I guess that this is an honor for us since they thought we would be a good example of how one should grow organically according to the standards of the National Organic Program.  I have had to tidy up a bit as the mowing had been pushed to the back burner.

We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend.  Thank you so much for your support of local, organic, sustainable farming.

Posted 5/12/2010 10:20pm by Larry Brandenburg.

We are very excited about the beginning of the season and are looking forward to meeting all of our new CSA partners.  If you are picking up your CSA share at the farm, you may come anytime after noon.  Come to the back door of the house as we never expect anyone to come in the front door!  If you are picking up at the market, please come between 8:00 and 11:00 if possible.  It will be hectic at the first pick-up so please be patient with us as we try to learn our new friends and catch up with old friends.

As usual, it has been an interesting spring.  Dry and hot in April and wet and cold in May.  It was 36 degrees here last Sunday morning and yet we had days that were close to 90 in April.  I am starting to get use to the weird weather but it is not like it was when I was growing up.  

The lettuce is doing very well and and sugar snap peas should be ready by Friday.  We will probably give you some kale that I experimented with by growing through the winter (uncovered and exposed to all the elements) so I will be very interested in your feedback on my "experiment."

I know the Derby is over , but we have some very nice mint for you that I'm sure you will find some creative way to use.

Strawberries (an item we don't advertise or promise) are starting to come on.  If you don't get any this week then we will be sure that you do for the next week.  These are strawberries we planted last year and I wasn't sure how they would do given the weird weather of last spring.

We do look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  If you were not able to be a CSA Partner this year, we encourage you to come visit us at the Market.  We meet the CSA requirements first and then sell whatever is left at the Market.  The quality is the same, we just want to make sure that our CSA has the top priority.

If you have any questions, please email me or you can call at 502-738-0510 or on my cell at 640-0042.


Posted 2/24/2008 1:23pm by Larry Brandenburg.

The last several weeks here in the Bluegrass have been quite challenging.  It began with straight line winds followed by snow, ice and freezing temperatures followed by tornadoes followed be more snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  We fluctuate weekly between the teens and sixties on the mercury.

People have not only been inconvenienced, but lives have been lost and Mother Earth has seen much of her life compromised.  We are in an age of climate change.  Even if we can't all agree on WHY we are experiencing this, we can all agree that things are really crazy.

There are many reasons to choose to farm according to organic/sustainable principles, but one of the best is that it truly is "in tune with nature."  Rather than releasing carbon to the air we are trying to keep it in the gound where it benefits a healthy planet.  Rather than spray chemical poisons, we nurture the earth and the plants so that they provide natural resistance to pests and disease.

Will the weather keep acting crazy?  Probably only as long as we keep acting crazy. 

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