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Posted 6/8/2018 8:09pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Hope you will brave the heat and humidity tomorrow and come out to the market.  We will have the most incredibly tasting  Red Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Pak Choy, Spring Onions, Beets, Kale and Cilantro.

Everything is local and organic.  Everything is picked fresh and packed for maximum flavor.  I really don't have enough descriptive adjectives to describe how wonderful this produce tastes.  And, it is good for you.

Also, please don't forget that we have some of this finest grass fed/grass finished beef you have ever tasted.  And, because it is grass fed and finished it has the health benefits that all of us are seeking.  Check it out tomorrow. You won't be sorry.

We also carry some wood products that we produce using wood from our farm that we repurpose.  Beth's father, Bill Newman, hand crafts some beautiful birds houses that can actually be used as bird houses or can sit inside as an example of wonderful Kentucky folk art.  If you are considering one of these for a father's day present, please come pick it out tomorrow as we will not be here on June 16, the Saturday before Father's Day (Our son Matthew is getting married that day -- Yeah!!!) so you will need to come tomorrow, June 9 if you want one of these as a present.

Thank you for supporting local. organic food.  Without you we would not exist.  Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

Larry and Beth

Posted 6/2/2018 6:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


One of my favorite crops to harvest in the spring are the spring onions.  The earthy smell is intoxicating and the taste is so satisfying.  We will have these for the next several weeks.

Kale is one of the "super foods" that provides so many important things our bodies need.  We like the curly kale and hope you will too.

Lettuces are not liking this hot weather.  They like to bolt (that means go to seed) when the temperatures get this warm this early.   Steady temperatures in the 90's in the month of May is not normal but we have a couple of varieties that seem to be doing well, especially Magenta, a red tipped green lettuce that is very succulent.

Looks like next week we are going to get a break in the weather.  It would be nice if things could dry out and we could get in the fields and get the rest of our stuff planted.

It is nice out this morning.

Come see us.

Larry and Beth 

Posted 5/26/2018 5:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


Come see us today and get some fine grass-fed/finished beef for the holiday weekend.  

Also, today we will have lettuce, radishes, cilantro, pak choy, swiss chard and arugula.  The spicy, peppery bite of arugula is especially good on sandwiches or burgers.  Or just throw it in with some lettuce to give some spice to your salad.

If you have been afraid to buy any romaine lettuce lately due to the lettuce scare, then don't worry, we have some wonderful romaine available for you to take home today.

If this weekend is the "unofficial" beginning of summer, then the weather is surely reinforcing that.  It is hot and humid already at this time in the morning and will probably get even more so as the morning progresses.  So, come early and avoid the heat. 

Look forward to see you today.

Larry and Beth

Posted 5/19/2018 6:02am by Larry Brandenburg.


Usually we are the second ones getting to the market to set up each week.  Today we pulled in right behind the one who gets here first.  It was 5:05 a.m. and had we left five minutes earlier (which we were on schedule to do until I forgot something and had to go back) we could have claimed the title Market Earliest Bird!

A lot goes into packing up and leaving home to come set up as a part of of a small community focused on local food.  The recent Romaine Lettuce incident shows why supporting small, local farms is an important part of our food security.  If we only depend on one huge lettuce grower in Yuma, Arizona and he happens to get hit with a food safety issue, and he supplies the majority of Romaine Lettuce to the entire country, then our food supply is not safe.  But, when we support and depend on small local farmers who have a great deal of diversity, then we can feel better about our food safety.

Our lettuce is almost ready and I anticipate us to have some next week.  Wish we had it now as there is currently a huge demand for local lettuces.

We have more asparagus with us today.  Fresh and local and organic.  Restaurants have been snapping this up but we wanted to have more for the market today (we sold out early last week) so we cut back a bit on the restaurant sales.  We like the partnerships we have with local restaurants.  We are very fortunate in this area to have such a strong farm to table mentality.

We also have grass-fed and grass finished ground beef, roasts and steaks.

Herbs and Herb Boxes as well as a few birdhouses will be available today.

Come out and see us.  

Thank you for your support.

Larry and Beth


Posted 5/11/2018 9:42pm by Larry Brandenburg.


The St. Matthew's Farmer's Market makes it's 2018 entrance tomorrow morning from 8:00-12:00.

We will be there with the most amazing local, organic asparagus you have ever tasted.

Also, don't pass up the chance to get some herb transplants to put out in the garden.  It should be safe now.  I think the warmer weather is here to stay.

If you don't have room for a garden then take home an herb box already planted with organic herbs all ready to go.  A culinary treasure to sit on your kitchen counter that you can harvest from whenever the need arises.

Sunday is Mother's Day so think about one of these herb boxes as a present for Mom. Or a matching compost bin. Or a matching utensil holder. Or one of the many handcrafted bird houses that Beth's father makes from wood on the farm.

The spring weather has been challenging but now it looks like things are making a turn for the better.  So, keep coming each week and be surprised by the new bounty of produce available for your gastronomic delight.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Larry and Beth

Posted 11/3/2017 10:10pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Last week was our first one at Lucky's and thanks to you it was very successful for us.  You came out to support us and we very much appreciate it.  It was not a very pleasant day and I'm very thankful that tomorrow will be much better.  We will be there from 10:30-2:30.

Our High Tunnel continues to produce.  We will have tomatoes (the red Mountain Fresh, and Green Zebra varieties) cherry tomatoes (about 8-9 pints total), Fairy Tale Eggplant and Peppers.  We are delighted that our attempt at season extension seems to be working!  You are the beneficiary of this endeavor.

Traditional fall produce that we have growing outside will also be available: Beets, Swiss chard, Collards, Curly Kale, Red Russian Kale and some beautiful green onions.  

Also we will have Winter Squash and pumpkins and a variety of cuts of our Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef.  If you have specific needs for meat (e.g., roasts, steaks, shortchanged ribs, etc) let us know ahead of time and we can bring those with us.  I'll check email before we leave at 8:00 in the morning.

I spent all day today at the University of Kentucky's Organic Farm for a CSA Boot Camp.  This invitation only event brought seven certified organic farms from all over Kentucky together to learn and discuss CSA's.  The CSA model is shifting in some places and it is good to keep up with the trends.  One of the lectures was on keeping "Community" in Community Supported Agriculture.  Some farms have chosen to become a detached food service without any contact with their customers.  Just drop off what the customer wants at a central location and never see them face to face.

Community is important.  Community is why so many of you braved the weather last week and made the journey over to Lucky's.  It is humbling and fills us with an awesome sense of accountability to know that you trust us and want to support us no matter where we might be.  Thank you.

Here's to "Community." And here's to you, or y'all, because you make community possible.  And in a small way, it makes the world a better place.

10:30-2:30 tomorrow.  Come experience community .Come experience the deep meaning of connecting your food with a farmers face.

Hope to see ya there,


Posted 10/27/2017 8:53pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We will be at Lucky's Market on Hurstbourne from 10:30-12:30 tomorrow. The market may go longer but we are concerned about the weather and want to have the option to leave earlier if we need to. So, please come during that two hour window.  You will not be disappointed.

It is almost November yet we will have basil, okra, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, radishes, beets, Swiss chard,winter squash, kale and grass fed/finished beef.  Also, the last fresh bouquets of flowers.

When we got up this morning (at 5:00!!) it was 32 degrees. Bad news for many crops (no more basil or okra this year -- check us out next summer -- 2018) but great news for our cool weather crops.  Kale especially likes a kiss of frost.  Makes it sweet and tender.  If you have never had kale kissed by Jack Frost you really haven't lived!

Thank you so much for the many positive comments/responses to last week's email about my surgery.  What a great community of friends we have.  I am doing very well and my recovery is on schedule.  Still limited in mobility but the future is bright.

Tomorrow's weather does not sound encouraging.  Please come out and support us in spite of the weather.  We have fresh organic produce that will only be available this week. Otherwise you will have to wait till next year.  I forgot to mention that we will even have a few pints of cherry tomatoes.

So, come on out and brave the elements.  We will be looking for you.


Posted 10/13/2017 8:30pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Tomorrow will be the last St. Matthew's Farmer's Market of 2017.  This is always a tough day.  No more fresh fruit and vegetables.  No more local grass fed meat.  No more fresh flowers.  No more Saturday mornings where you wake up with excitement and enthusiasm for what you might find at the market.  Next week when you drive by the corner of Browns Lane and Shelbyville Rd. all you will see is an empty parking lot.  Wow. Sounds like the end of the world.

But.  It doesn't have to be.  I have good news. Later.

Tomorrow we will have a whole lot of tomatoes. A whole lot of peppers. And, a whole lot of beef.  We will also have some of the most incredibly tasting Radishes (they are big and spicy -- not woody) and Beets and Swiss chard and Basil (What!! Fresh Basil in the middle of October!!!)

This will probably be the last week for the Fairy Tale Eggplant.  It has been very popular so come get it while you can.  Also have some incredibly tender and tasty Okra.  A few heads of lettuce and several pounds of tomato "seconds" for those of you who like to can or make sauce. Probably a lot of other good stuff too that I can't remember.  I usually do this email on Saturday morning at the market but I'm getting a head start today.

Our grass fed/finished beef sales have really picked up.  I know that there are a lot of grass fed vendors out there but I don't think anything can match our flavor.  We are the only farm offering beef that is a combination of Scottish Highland and Black Angus.  No one else offers this. And, this combination of genes and DNA really does a dance in your mouth.  If you haven't tired it, you really don't know what you are missing.

As I have been sharing with you, we are planning on offering a fall CSA for $190 with pickups beginning on Oct. 21.  We are also offering a Beef CSA for $175 also beginning on Oct. 21.  Both of these will run for 10 weeks.  If you are interested, please let us know.  We are even offering a delivery option in case you want to sleep in on Saturday. There is more information on our website at

I promised you good news and here it is.  It seems that Lucky's Market (a full fledged grocery store) is going to let us continue with a farmer's market at their location on Saturdays from 10:30-2:30.  Wow. Thank you Lucky's. Lucky's is on Hurstbourne just north of Shelbyville Rd.

We have had one of our best year's ever.  That's because people like you believe in what we are doing and continue to support us.  This is hard work and sometimes it can be very discouraging.  This year we began implementing a bio-intensive growing method that we had never done before.  There were a few bumps in the road but it has proved to be the wave of the future for us.  We will continue to tweak it this year and look for next spring and summer to be even more spectacular.  We have a LOT of stuff growing for the fall/winter.  Please don't think your only option this fall/winter is organic produce from Mexico and South America.  We are going to prove that we can extend the growing season here in Kentucky.  We don't need imports from thousands of miles away. 

But, we can't do this unless we have people committed to supporting local, organic food. Not just in the spring and summer.  So, please continue to support us by coming to the market tomorrow and meeting us at Lucky's on Oct. 21 and perhaps even taking a risk on a fall vegetable and/beef CSA.

Stay tuned for more news next week 'cause this song is continuing.  Hopefully it will be a long and beautiful song.



Posted 10/7/2017 5:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


Only two Saturdays left for the St. Matthew's Farmers's Market.  It has been a good year for the market.  The weather has been wonderful with only one Saturday that we had to fight the rain.  Many more pleasant temperatures this year than in the past.  I hate to see it come to an end.  We still are growing lots of great produce and have just now started selling our grass fed/finished beef.  We enjoy seeing so many familiar faces each week and delight in making new friendships.  Our customers (I really find the word customer inadequate to describe the relationship we have with you -- partnership is a better term) believe in what we are doing and share the same values we have about sustainability through local, organic farming.  

We can continue this relationship through December if you would be interested in signing up for our Fall CSA or our Fall Beef CSA.  You can do one or both.  Let us know as we will begin deliveries next Saturday, October 14.  We are working on a convenient pick-up location for the rest of the year and should have those details worked out by next week.

This is our first year of growing summer crops in the high tunnel.  Eggplant, tomatoes and peppers have found a thriving environment resulting in prolific yields.  These yields should continue for a few more weeks but today we have some very nice large red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and San Marzano paste tomatoes.  I love the San Marzanos and have been making and freezing (in ice cube trays) a lot of enchilada sauce.  This week I tried my hand at pasta sauce and according to the critics (wife and son) it is a winner.  I use the "seconds" to make this sauce and today I have brought a half bushel of seconds that I will sell at discounted price if you are interested.

We also will have some hot and spicy radishes to combine with our tomatoes and lettuce. These vegetables are infused with freshness that is not available from normal grocery store choices.  Darn, I wish this market would continue for a few more weeks!!

If you are interested in having a steady supply of fresh culinary herbs, check out the herb boxes that Beth puts together.  You could be having fresh basil in January!

We also have several roasts and steaks as well as ground beef.  Take some home with you today.  If you like it, maybe you could continue to have it on a regular basis through our Beef CSA.

Time to run. Have to finish setting up everything to welcome you into our space.  It's amazing how cold asphalt becomes a small little tent city each Saturday morning.  The landscape is transformed into a community that shares food and fun.  Then at noon, it disappears.  I will miss it. 

The market is kind of like life. We have to make the best of the present, not dwell on the past, and look with hope to the future.  I hope your present (today) will be filled with joy and wonder as you wander around this temporary tent city and that you will be encouraged and have hope for the future as you see the number of people who are all working together to make the world a better place.  You are a part of this.

Hope to see you today.


Posted 9/30/2017 6:27am by Larry Brandenburg.


Only three weeks left for the St. Matthew's Farmers Market.  The bounty keeps coming in and this week we will add Okra, Beets and Radishes to the mix.  Are you craving a nice salad this week?  You can get tomatoes, lettuce and radishes in one stop at our booth.

How about picking up one of those herb boxes you have been eyeing all summer.  You can have fresh culinary herbs all winter in the convenience of your own home!

Grass fed/finished beef choices this week include: steaks(New York Strip, Ribeye and Filet), Roasts and Ground Beef.  Incredible flavor in all these cuts and all the health benefits of grass fed/finished to boot.

We are going to offer a fall CSA this year. It will begin Oct. 14 and run till December 16.  Pick up will be every two weeks instead of every week.  The first pick up will be at the St. Matthew's Farmers on our last day there, Oct. 14.  There will also be a meat option where we will provide cuts of our grass fed/finished meat.  The Vegetable Share will be $190 for the 10 weeks and if you wish to add on the beef it would be an additional $175.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Should be a beautiful day today.  Beth has the prettiest flowers you have ever seen.  Come brighten you home and life with a bouquet that has captured all the beauty and energy of the sun growing in our organic fields this week.

Thanks for supporting local, organic farming.



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