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Larry Brandenburg

Larry has always been a dreamer. Growing up working in tobacco, he realized that the spray they used for controlling suckers always made him sick. Surely there was a better way to farm. It has taken years, but finally Harmmony Fields Farm became a reality seven years ago. The name represents what we are trying to do in being "in tune with nature" but also resonates with the other passion of his life which is music. In fact, all of the Brandenburgs are involved in music in some professional way. Larry spends his days and many nights helping the people of Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church learn how to use their musical gifts in ministry to others. The rest of the time he is getting in tune with nature through organic farming.

Beth Brandenburg
Beth is shown here where she is happiest. In the middle of her flowers. She has loved flowers since she was little girl growing up on a family farm in Breckinridge County Kentucky. She is also a very talented musician and shares those gifts with the students she teaches everday in the public schools in Louisville and with her church. Her passion for music is matched only by her passion for the natural world and the value of organic farming.
Matthew Brandenburg

Matthew is our oldest son and lives in Louisville where he is pursing his dream of a career as a singer/songwriter. He really believes in what we are doing with our organic farm and is a really hard worker and helps out when his schedule allows.  We hope to have him write a "theme" song for our farm. (No, not "Green Acres")

Nathan Brandenburg

Nathan is a senior at Shelby County High School and works everyday on the farm. He is a very talented musician and would like to be a professional Rugby player. He likes doing pyhsical work because it keeps him in shape for Rugby. We have no trouble helping him keep in shape.

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